I live outside of the U.S, What do I do!? 

-We ship internationally and do everything that we can to keep shipping costs as low as possible, however we still have to cover the costs of the international couriers so shipping internationally will be a larger shipping charge. With that being said, we offer the cheapest options possible to allow you to enjoy your merchandise!


Do you allow returns? 

-Unfortunately due to the high traffic of customers and the small footprint of the company, we do NOT allow returns. However, if you have an ISSUE with your order, please email  jwmerchexclusive@gmail.com

and we will do everything we can to help you out! 


Prices are different on here than what they are at Jacob's shows; WHY? - No Pun Intended ;)

-We like to take care of our fans, which is why we price the merchandise as low as we can based upon the cost to manufacture the merchandise. With that being said, we also want to ensure that when you purchase tickets to a show, you ALSO get the incentive of further discounted merchandise :)